Tracey Henton is an expressive visual storyteller across film, commercial, television and editorial, with an impeccable skill-set that spans beauty, spfx, period and contemporary work. She is a thoughtful department head with well-honed instincts for creating nuanced characters, nurturing a flow of creativity between departments, and establishing a calm, happy trailer where talent can relax into their role prep.

Her passion and drive come from a deep study of art and design, coupled with a belief in the power of make-up craft to tell the story of a character in a very real yet unseen way. Tracey’s secret weapons on set are her free-spirited nature, egalitarian attitude and pragmatism - all gifts from her New Zealand upbringing.

From Tracey - “I see the world in colors, where people see dirty slush in the gutters of New York after the first snow melt, I see a perfectly executed grey scale, the dying grass of the LA summer to me is a beautifully rendered impressiont’s palette riffing on the warming tones of the sun”

Tracey’s passion and expertise best intersect where she is able to lead a team that is telling a complete story, whether it be a 90 minute independent feature or a 30 second commercial. Her skills truly come to the fore when she can invest in collaborative story-telling with an interesting arc and unique characters, feeding off the passion of creative contemporaries and really flexing her design muscles. Independent films and well crafted dramas offer the ripest ground for this, and leading an independent and passionate make-up/hair crew is Tracey’s happy place.

Between film gigs, Tracey enjoys the thrill of the challenge of micro-storytelling, observing that brands offer some of the most cutting-edge ways for storytellers to do their best work. It’s also where many of the best crew cut their teeth and continue to practice their craft, and commercial directors that Tracey has had the privilege to work for include Wayne McClammy, Tom Kuntz, The Pelorian Brothers and Craig Gilespie.

Tracey distinguished herself as one of New Zealands most respected make-up department heads before moving to Los Angeles in 2005. After training in Sydney, Australia with BBC alumnus Dawn Swane, she began her career in the early years of NZ’s long-running weeknight series Shortland Street. She soon became known in NZ’s screen industry for her design leadership on high-concept local primetime shows, and for her symbiotic 2IC relationships on feature films and international TV series. Since moving to Los Angeles, Tracey has built an impressive list of credits across many screens, on work filmed everywhere from the Pacific Islands to Texas to India.

When not on set or spending time with family in New Zealand, Tracey can be found illustrating in Los Angeles, working on "my never ending art education", blogging at The Poetry of Color and collecting textiles in India.

Tracey is a member of IATSE Local 706 Make-Up Artists and Hairstylist Guild. 

+64 22 642 1432

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